Musicfest Feb 20 poster

Please get your entries in for MusicFest by 5pm on Thursday 6th Feb using this form. Students in any year group are welcome to perform – it doesn’t matter if this is your first performance or your thousandth! All communication with performers will be done using your school email address, so be prepared to respond to emails once you’ve put your entry in.

If you want Miss W to play piano for your piece, please give her the sheet music ASAP if you haven’t already (and organise a run through).

New Sam required!

wanted tech

After many years of incredible service to the tech requirements of all school events, Sam W is leaving at the end of this year…. and sadly, our attempts to clone him have failed! So we need to find some new, fabulous people to learn how to ‘do the tech’ for concerts, productions, and school events generally. You can be in any year group, and you don’t need any previous experience (we’ll teach you everything you need to know) but you do need LOADS of common sense and to be super-reliable. You also need to be prepared to be there at concerts/plays/dancefests/sports awards… if we can put a great team together it will really help, as we can spread out the duties between you all.

If you are interested, please see Miss Werry (if you haven’t already) and we will get a training plan together.


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