Musicfest Feb 20 poster

If you are performing…

  • You will be emailed early in the week with a draft programme
  • You do NOT need to wear school uniform – you can wear whatever you like as long as you look nice
  • Be in the audience being a lovely supportive audience member for other performers
  • At the end, take a bow and SMILE to acknowledge your applause

If you are a Music Leader…

  • Rapid setup needs to take place from 5pm. Things can be located and got out before then, but bear in mind there will be a Guys & Dolls rehearsal in the Hall until 5pm.
  • We need people to be on the door and run the refreshments

If you have volunteered to be on the Tech Team…

  • You have been emailed with instructions. Sam will be showing you what to do from 3pm onwards
  • During MusicFest itself you need to be proactive at the front of the hall as well as at the back, helping people with mics and mic stands – whatever each performer needs

If you are coming to be in the audience…

  • Remember good audience etiquette, and be aware that you need to respond in different ways to different types of music – you may be clapping or joining in if a performer invites you to, but for some pieces (especially classical ones, or very soft ones) you might need to be completely silent and completely still.
  • No moving about during items


Something to try?!

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